Want to Shoot Better Travel, Nature, Portraits & Sports Photos? 1 “ESSENTIAL” Tip Does it All

by John Stapel

Most of the tutorials we post deal with a singular shooting or editing technique for making a specific type of image. The unique video below is different, as it reveals one essential method for improving virtually every photo you shoot.

Today’s instructor is NY-based photographer David Bergman, whose highly acclaimed images span everything from portraiture, sports events, concerts, and celebrity photos. And in just nine minutes he reveals a key technique that’s partly responsible for his great work.

Like many photographers, Bergman subscribes to the notion of “keeping it simple,” and the methods he demonstrates here pertain exclusively to rendering the background of a scene. Bergman says, “This is the one thing you can do to improve the impact of your images."

One common thread that applies to most types of photos is careful composition with a clean background in mind. As you’ll see in this episode from Adorama TV, specific exposure and other camera settings may also come into play, depending upon the subject at hand.

Bergman says, “Your images should read” when setting up a shot, and by that he means the photo should be immediately understandable and “hit your viewer in the face.” He explains that when you make a compelling image, “You’re telling a viewer exactly where you want them to look.”

To that end Bergman uses a number of images to demonstrate how to properly capture a foreground and key subject, while making sure a sloppy or distracting background doesn’t spoil the shot. At the very least, he explains, the background should “just stay away” so as not to add confusion to your image.

Regardless of the photos you shoot next, put Bergman’s advice to good use and your results will be better than ever.

You can see more from Bergman on his website, and find other great tutorials on the Adorama TV YouTube channel.