The ONE LENS Every Landscape Photographer Should Own (VIDEO)

by John Stapel

Some landscape photographers always shoot with a wide-angle lens, while others occasionally turn to a telephoto. Some insist on using prime lenses, while others prefer the versatility of zooms.

After watching the quick video below, you may change your mind about the best lens to use when shooting outdoors. That’s because one of our favorite landscape pros reveals what he says is the one lens every nature photographer should own.

We often turn to Romanian photographer Toma Bonciu for tutorials on landscape photography techniques and gear. In this episode he says, “If I have to take only one lens with me, or I have to say what’s my favorite lens, I know the answer right away.” You may be surprised to learn that it’s a 24-105mm zoom.

In this behind-the-scene episode you’ll watch Bonciu capture a beautiful setting using the Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS L wide-to-tele zoom. While that’s undoubtedly a great piece of glass, the point of this episode is about this particular focal length—not a specific brand.

As you might suspect, Bonciu has a complete arsenal of lenses, but he explains what’s so special about the 24-105mm zoom—beginning with the fact that it covers what he considers a perfect range from wide-angle to short telephoto. He also shares the pros and cons of using this lens, instead of others you may own.

Bonciu also provides some solid tips on making the most of a 24-105mm zoom lens when shooting landscape photographs, and you’ll pick up some great advice on exposure settings and composition along the way. So take a look and see if you agree.

After watching the video, pay a visit to Bonciu’s YouTube channel where you’ll find more helpful tips on landscape and adventure photography. And be sure to check out another tutorial we posted, explaining the one camera setting that can make or break a landscape photograph.