The Himalayan Blues

by Ann de Bruyn

Subham Shome

Subham Shome

I am a 25 year old hobbyist fine-art landscape and travel photographer from Kolkata, India. Mountains are by far my favorite and taking advantage of the fact that I live about a few hundred kilometres from the Himalayas, I visit them quite often and most of those visits are for serious photography. I love taking photographs of ridges, peaks, waterfalls, and other mountain formations. Many of my photographs have won International Awards and have been published and exhibited worldwide. This includes honourable mention in ND Awards and publications in Wikipedia, Landscape Photography magazine, Petapixel, 1X and many more. I am forever grateful to nature and photography for making who I am today.

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On the eastern part of the mighty Himalayas in North Bengal, we can see multiple small hills which form a brilliant layering as well move towards the snowy peaks from the lowlands. What is more intriguing about these hills is the fact that clouds get accumulated in between the hills and form majestic landscapes. There are number of tea plantations here as well, but the clouds above the hills and the ones below them, in their troughs come together to create beautiful sceneries.

During sunrise, the views become even better and just before dawn, during the transition between blue hour and golden hour, the sky lights up like fire and the ground remains blue, giving a once in a day opportunity to enjoy the most mesmerising views of the mountains.

1. Subham Shome Himalayan Blues Sky Hues

Himalayan Blues Sky Hues

2. Subham Shome Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

3. Subham Shome Sunrise


4. Subham Shome After Sunrise

After Sunrise