Shapes, Patterns, Textures And Lines Assignment Winner Beth Young

by Ann de Bruyn

By Staff

Published May 5, 2022

Congratulations to Beth Young for winning the Shapes, Patterns, Textures And Lines Assignment with the image, “Lupine Leaves, Yosemite National Park.” See more of Beth Young’s work at

View the winning image and a selection of submissions in the gallery below. And be sure to check out our current photography assignment here and enter your best shots!

Winner: "Lupine Leaves, Yosemite National Park" By Beth Young



“On a sunny spring afternoon, a dense clump of lupine groundcover at the side of the road in Yosemite National Park provided an immersive macro photography opportunity while using an umbrella to diffuse the bright sunlight and control blown out highlights,” explains Young. “When I use my macro lens, I typically default to a shallow depth of field to bring a selected focal point into focus while blurring the background, but here, I used a narrow aperture of f/22 to accentuate the repeating patterns of these lupine leaves and bring them into focus throughout the frame.”