Photo Of The Day By Jeff Harshaw

by Ann de Bruyn

By Staff

Updated February 15, 2022

Photo By Jeff Harshaw

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “A Morning With The Sherwins” by Jeff Harshaw. Location: California.

“The Sherwin range is one of the sub-range of the Sierra Nevada mountains that runs from just south of Mammoth Lakes down to just above Bishop,” explains Harshaw. “On this morning, as I began to drive back towards the US 395, I got a better look at Mt. Morrison on the left and Mt. Laurel on the right with the rest of their brothers in the range dusted with their first blanket of snow. With Hot Creek winding its way towards the Sierra Nevada mountains and the private fishing resort with its cabins nestled next to it, I reveled in the moment.”

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Originally Published February 14, 2022