Photo Of The Day By Harry Lichtman

by Ann de Bruyn

By Staff

Updated October 6, 2021

Photo By Harry Lichtman

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Eden” by Harry Lichtman. Location: White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire.

“Autumn colors in New Hampshire’s White Mountains can be spectacular, but I was going after the subdued colors and misty conditions when shooting this cascade,” explains Lichtman. “I had visited the brook many times under undesirable conditions but thought it had a lot of potential. The fall season can be dry, so I needed a rain event early in the fall before leaves had totally come off the trees. Some early leaf litter gave the colors of fall, while the mist and fog during the shot gave the mood I wanted. I needed to have some overcast skies to give the even lighting from above, which would nicely backlight the leaves in the upper part of the image. I stitched two images for this to include the foreground interest as well as the upper trees.”

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Originally Published October 5, 2021