Ice Sculptures Festival

by Ann de Bruyn

Alexey Korolyov

Alexey Korolyov

I am amateur and self-taught nature photographer from Russia. Born in 1983. Impassioned with photography since 2009. I am particularly inspired and fascinated by plants, small wildlife and various designs found in nature. I prefer abstract compositions and intimate landscapes over wide-open vistas. While being outdoors with my camera I always attracted to details and try to find harmony in nature chaos. My aim is not to create a documentary copy of reality but to find unusual perspectives, create thought-provoking work and awake emotions. Though I am not a conservationist photographer, I do hope that my pictures contribute to more appreciation for nature and evoke attitude of care towards it. My images have been awarded in the most prestigious international competitions in the world such as GDT EWPOTY, Big Picture, IPA, Glanzlichter and Golden Turtle

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From year to year, not far from my home city I visit an amazing ice sculpture festival. You do not need to pay money for entrance and there are practically no people here, especially if you come early in the morning. The organiser of this ice celebration is nature itself — the most talented artist in the world.

I am lucky to live not far from a river with a very interesting site. The current is very fast and turbulent here. A mill used to work here a long time ago. Though half-ruined it is still standing on the side of the river. Debris from ancillary structures remaining in the water creates obstacles to the rapid flow. As a result, a powerful roll was formed with strong waves and swirls. Even in the most severe frosts, when the river is frozen up, this section does not freeze completely. Separate ice islands with hanging icicles appear.

Every time I come here with my camera, I never cease to be amazed at how the powerful energy of the water element and cold-blooded frozen forms of ice combine in this place. All images from this series were taken with a long exposure that is very suitable for such scenes. It helps to capture the movement of water and thereby emphasize the contrast between fluid and static forms of water.

This series of photographs is a visual tribute to the beauty of the water element. I attempt to convey my impressions and to show how water and ice interact with each other.

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