Helmut Pilo

by Ann de Bruyn

Helmut Pilo

Helmut Pilo

Helmut Pilo was born and grew up in Cassino, in central Italy. A trip to Iceland in 2016 sparked his passion for landscape photography and he began to devote his free time to it.

From the great landscapes of Iceland, Norway and Lapland, to the Dolomites, the Abruzzo forests and the Tuscan hills of his homeland Italy, what increasingly attracted him was the spectacle of nature itself. With time an ever more intimate relationship has developed and his attention has been drawn more to the smaller details.


Michéla Griffith

My images combine an early love of drawing and painting with a long-standing passion for photographing the landscape. An important part of my portfolio continues to be about the interaction between water and light in, but I’m also experimenting with movement on land and even my own progress on foot through the landscape. Facebook Flickr


If you look at Helmut Pilo’s Instagram profile, you won’t immediately think of Iceland, but he credits that place and its wild nature with sparking his passion for photography. It must have been frustrating to have begun to explore the grand landscapes of the North only to have travel restricted by the pandemic, yet 2021 turns out to have had a silver lining and gave him the opportunity to spend more time on his photography, and to immerse himself in the smaller details of nature closer to home. As Helmut gets ready to launch a website, we asked him to tell us more about his photographic journey.


Would you like to start by telling readers a little about yourself – where you grew up, and what your early interests were?

Despite what you might think when reading my name, I was born and grew up in Cassino, a small town situated in central Italy.

When I was a boy, I was passionate about design, music and fashion. My interest in photography started later, thanks to my first trip to Iceland in 2016.

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