Crazy River

by Ann de Bruyn

Karin Jo Van Rossem De Winter

Karin De Winter Jo Van Rossem

We, Karin De Winter and Jo Van Rossem are a husband and wife photographers team, based in Belgium. We come from different professional worlds, namely healthcare and architecture, and decided to make a career switch three years ago. While we have a broad interest in nature and cultural photography, our latest work is focused on intimate landscape photography. We love to seek out locations with special geological features, coasts, deserts, or polar regions to create photography art at a crosspoint with abstract art.

Mixed Up World

These four photographs belong to a series we made about the scenery along the Rio Tinto in Spain. We were drawn to the extraordinary patterns and textures created by the continuous natural and historical pollution caused by mining upstream going back to the Roman era. Due to this the water is very acid and has an orange to red tint in the dry season, while the colourful deposits of minerals and metals in mud and on stones give the scenery an otherworldly look that resembles nothing we usually associate with landscapes that we are familiar with.

Crazy River Ii

Crazy River V

Crazy River Vii

Mixed Up World