Canon Lenses: The Smart Choice For Everyday Photographers

by Ann de Bruyn

Canon lenses are the perfect choice for any photographer who wants to take their craft seriously. Yes, they may be more expensive in comparison with other brands but it is well worth every penny of that investment if you want your photos to look as professional and polished as possible.  While some cheaper alternatives can make a difference when taking pictures on occasion or shooting casual subjects like vacations or family outings where there's less pressure, Canon should always be at the top of everyone’s list!


Sale prices on the Internet make it hard to justify purchasing a name brand camera or lens. There are many times when you can find an almost identical Canon lens for 3rd of 4th less than what the retail price is at your local electronics store. However, there are several factors that need to be considered before making this decision; some people might not have access to online retailers and live in more remote areas where they may only have one option with their nearest retailer being Wal-Mart. Furthermore, if someone does purchase a cheaper alternative then they will also likely end up paying additional money as well because reputable stores offer warranties whereas most other places do not (which means repairs would cost much higher).


If you own a newer Canon SLR, you have several choices of lens brands that you can buy for your camera. In addition to buying Canon brand lenses that work with the automatic focus of modern Canon’s, you can buy lenses from third party vendors such as Sigma and Tamron, who make Canon-compatible lenses for less cost than Canon. After having spent a large amount of money on the camera body, you may be asking yourself if it is worth spending the extra bucks for the brand name lens as well. I am an amateur photographer, so am certainly no expert, but from the day that I bought my Canon SLR with its brand name lenses you could see a marked jump in improvement in my photo albums. It is like someone focused everything and turned on the lights! I recently switched to a digital Canon and gave my six-year-old film Canon to my mother. Her photos showed the same amazing improvement.


Reasons to Buy the Canon Lens


Canon lenses are well-known for their image quality, but they also have excellent color fidelity and contrast. The first reason why most people on the web agree that this is a great lens to buy when it comes from Canon is because of how distortion free these lenses are - you won't get weird shapes in your pictures either! They're also characterized by superior optical performance with top notch dust and water resistance features as well.


I generally like to stick to matching brand names with brands (i don’t know about you!), so I always go straight for the best one available--which usually ends up being canon camera gear just based off my research alone. In fact, if we look at what other internet users say about certain canons out





Canon Lens Critics


The Canon line of lenses has a fair share of critics. Some feel that the auto focus is not as fast or decisive on their lens, especially in low light situations.


Canon Lens Facts and Benefits


Canon lenses are complex, sensitive pieces of equipment with a myriad problems. Canon is one of the top brands for lens manufacturers and because they have no on-lens controls, your camera body needs to adjust them instead. All modern Canon lenses focus through motorized technology which can create great images if you're near-sighted or not as strong sighted in general--especially those who find focusing difficult by hand!


Lenses are extremely complex and sensitive pieces of equipment that come with many potential faults; however this brand I chose has some nice features such as automatic adjustment when set up properly along with an easy way to change settings using only their cameras' bodies without any need for additional tools (such as screwdrivers).


Used Canon Lenses


Another great reason to invest in the higher priced Canon brand lens is that camera lenses tend to hold their monetary value over time, while camera bodies do not. I have bought both a used Canon lens and a new Canon lens for work and home and, frankly, I could not tell any difference other than the price.