dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Low Angle Reflections

by John Stapel

A Post By: Sime

We’ve had ‘reflections‘ before now, but it was suggested that we try ‘low angle reflections‘ and here are a couple of examples of what I mean!

Use the hashtag #dPSLowAngleReflection when you share your photo online! You have from now until next Saturday morning to get your photos online!

Water is the obvious choice to make your reflections, and you can wait for rain, or take a drink bottle and setup your shot yourself, it works well to have your camera on a tripod (Or you can hold it, that’s totally fine) and make the scene you’re after, then add a little water and see how it changes the image with the reflection. SHare your tips and tricks in the comments if you’d like to! And if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure you share your photo, but also share a shot of your setup – how you got the shot.

Or this one, also great!

I wasn’t able to get the photograph I wanted for this theme, the wind whipped up and there was no glassy still water on which to capture my reflection, but I thought I’d share a behind the scenes shot of my setup for you anyway…

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Low Angle Reflections What could possibly go wrong! 🙂

As ever, share your entry in the comments below, or over in our Facebook group! You can also share your photos on your social media and make sure you tag us!

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Low Angle Reflections

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