Digital Photography Tips

by Ann de Bruyn

Digital photography is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects to take up as a hobby. It can be hard, but with these tips it will get much easier!


Digital photography can be a complicated process. Point-and-shoot cameras are not the only option anymore, as there is an entire world of DSLR camera and lens options to choose from. If you're just starting out with digital photography, it's best to start small before investing in expensive equipment that may or may not work for your needs


Digital Photography Tips: Digital Cameras have come a long way since they first appeared on store shelves back then (in 1996). The key thing about them though has always been choice; whether point-and - shoot vs SLRs or high quality camera lenses such as this Canon EF 70 – 200mm f/2.8L USM Zoom Lens . It doesn't matter what type of photographer you want


If your family is anything like mine, there's no time for vacations anymore. Never has been really but even less so these days with the way technology moves forward at a breakneck pace and always leaves us behind just when we think that finally we've caught up-just to replace what it had already replaced! I remember when film was all you could use in cameras - now kids are taking selfies on their phones before they're old enough to drive or vote.


Few families would consider leaving home without reliable high quality digital imaging equipment these days--whether it be camera or camcorder, not matter how young the child may be who carries them about as if carrying an extension of themselves everywhere they go anyway? It seems strange though considering where photography


Here are some tips from the experts at Canon to help you make the most of memorable vacation moments:


The best way to always be prepared is by bringing backup camera batteries or memory cards. That way, you'll never miss a shot!


With the abundance of landscape photography opportunities, it's important to be creative with your photographs. Whether you're shooting a sunset or an expansive mountain range; consider integrating some elements that are special for your family into images and using them as backdrops. This will help showcase who you are in pictures where colors and light can make all the difference!


Share the fun: Take turns and let others control the lens for a while. A camcorder such as the Canon DC40 DVD Camcorder is so easy to use that anyone in the family can take great video. The camcorder records direct to DVD, is compact and takes high-resolution, 4-Megapixel digital photos.


Strike a pose-No!: Candid shots of family members can capture their personalities much better than carefully orchestrated photographs.


Don't be afraid: Take your PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH camera with you on a scuba diving adventure. The 6-Megapixel camera has a 16:9 widescreen mode for full-screen viewing on widescreen TVs and computer monitors, and is the right size for taking along on any deep-sea adventure.


Use the WPDC40 underwater camera case (to depths of 130 feet) to protect the camera and snap pictures in the surf.


Hello from abroad: Print and send photos before you even get home: The SELPHY CP510 photo printer is small enough to pack in your suitcase and lets you print pictures in under a minute. And the paper used for printing photos doubles as a postcard! How's that for multitasking?


Pack lightly: Hybrid digital products such as the PowerShot S3 IS let you capture still photographs and high-quality video. The 6-Megapixel camera has a 12x optical zoom lens, image stabilization technology for steady shots, a "movie snap" feature that lets you take still images while shooting movies, a widescreen mode for full-screen viewing and still leaves plenty of room for any souvenirs you might want to bring home.