5 Easy Editing Hacks to Improve Your Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

by John Stapel

Editing "hacks" in Photoshop or Lightroom are fast and helpful tips or tricks that will make your photos go from "blah" to "AH!" in no time. Landscape pro Mark Denney is someone who has accrued many of these software hacks over the years and he shares five handy tricks in the below video.

"Some of these hacks I use on each and every photo I edit and others I only use in very specific scenarios," Denney says. "But all five of these techniques solve very specific problems that I encounter within my own editing workflow."

#1 Floating Vignette

"The floating vignette name comes from the fact that you can grab it and move it wherever you want in your overall photograph," he explains. "This is great to help you visualize exactly where you want to place the vignette and make any kind of adjustments from there."

#2 Border Light

"It's a great way to add a little more punch to a photography and exaggerate one of your more favorite qualities of a particular image."

#3 Sun-Tone

"This is probably the easiest hack but also probably the most effective as well. The luminance slider is something that I think a lot of people miss when it comes to using the color grading tool inside of Lightroom. And that is a fantastic way to add a little bit more warmth and a little bit more punch to a sunrise or a sunset."

#4 Grad Painting

"This is a growing trend in outdoor photography over the past few years is this desire to soften the overall photographs. You've heard of the Orton technique, you've heard of painterly images, and I think this grad painting hack is a great technique to take that a step further."

#5 Soft Fade

"What it does is fade the shadows a little bit, fading the black tones so they're not so black, they're not that deep black. It doesn't have such a digital look to it. It's got kind of a filmic look to the overall image."